Naturally Nourishing!

Fresh, tasty, plant-based meals inspired by flavours from around the world. 


We pride ourselves on making everything from scratch, from your delicious twice baked falafels to the homemade coconut milk in your curries. We ensure only the best goes into your food, so you can simply enjoy and focus on you! 

How it Works

Nourish Bud Vegan Meals

Choose your plant based meal package or 'Build Your Own' selection of meals

Nourish Bud Plant Based Diet

Meals are prepared from scratch with love by us

Nourish Bud Vegan Food Newcastle Durham Teesside Sunderland

Conveniently packaged and delivered to your door twice a week

Vegan Protein Meals

Enjoy delicious, plant based goodness in every meal, and see results!

Why Nourish Bud

Nourish Bud Vegan Food Newcastle Durham Teesside Sunderland

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-Our meals are hand crafted from scratch

-Macro balanced and nutrient rich diet plans

-You choose your daily calories and we do the rest

-Delivered fresh and ready to eat!

Plant Based Diet Nourish Bud

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-100% vegan, whole food ingredients

-All natural ingredients

-Only the highest quality produce

-Packed full of nutrients

Vegan Diet and Sustainability - Nourish Bud

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-Eco friendly packaging that is 100% biodegradable or recyclable

-Zero waste targets. We buy to order to prevent waste

-Locally sourced ingredients to support UK business

Order vegan diet plan - Nourish Bud

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-Ultimate convenience

-Meal drops on Saturday and Wednesday to ensure maximum freshness

-Free NATIONWIDE delivery

What People Say

"Food is absolutely outstanding, would definitely recommend to anyone that is vegan or anyone simply wanting to boost their health"

—  Gayatri, Trustpilot

"Couldn’t be happier with my experience using nourish bud! Food was delicious and they went above and beyond in terms of service. Will definitely be ordering regularly in future!"

—  Ellen, Trustpilot

"Absolutely amazing healthy food- very imaginative! Normally I don’t like vegan protein balls but these are so delicious feels like a real treat!! I feel healthier every day and have more energy!"

—  Victoria, Trustpilot



Fibre is amazing for your body. It doesn't just "get things moving". In fact it feeds the billions of beneficial microbes living in your gut, that are responsible for:

- 70% of your immune system

- your mood and alertness

- absorption of nutrients and overall health

The only source of fibre is plant-based, whole foods. In our meat loving, convenience food world, here in the UK we only get a fraction of our recommended 30g of fibre a day (let alone the 150g our ancestors consumed!) and the health consequences are far reaching. Here at Nourish Bud, all our meals are cram-packed with fibre. Give us a go, and see if you feel the difference.