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On average, over half the meals you eat are consumed at work. Here at Nourish Bud, our mission is to ensure those meals are bursting with health and deliciousness.


Add years to your life, reduce your environmental footprint, and energise your working day. Find out more at 'Nourish Info'.

In light of the COVID-19 Corona Virus, we are currently offering free home deliveries.

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We currently deliver to set catchment areas (NE Postcodes 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13, 20, 28, DH2 and DH3). We are willing to do more where possible - just send us a request.

Pop in your details, click 'sign up' and get ready to boost your health with our delicious range of meals.

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Choose from our daily menu of nutrient rich, full-of-flavour plant based meals.


You can select which day you'd like each meal delivered - so order in bulk, order in advance - it's up to you!

Order by 9pm the evening before to receive your meal the following day.

All of our dishes are freshly prepared each day, to ensure maximum taste and freshness.

Once you have added your meals to basket, just log in and pay online.

Fresh daily delivery

Free daily delivery between 10am-12pm


Our food is something you'll look forward to each morning, and will make you feel revived and ready to tackle your busy afternoon. 

You can also feel good knowing that you're being kind to the environment. From food to packaging, everything we do is designed to help the planet.


During these uncertain times following the outbreak of COVID-19, we are all advised to self isolate at home, and use food delivery services where possible.

We are therefore adjusting how we operate and delivering to your home for free for the duration.

Simply order by 9pm the evening before, and your meals will be delivered the following day by noon. 

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We design our menu to bring you different important health benefits with each meal (and something new to tickle your tastebuds each day!)



Fibre is amazing for your body. It doesn't just "get things moving". In fact it feeds the billions of beneficial microbes living in your gut, that are responsible for:

- 70% of your immune system

- your mood and alertness

- absorption of nutrients and overall health

The only source of fibre is plant-based, whole foods. In our meat loving, convenience food world, here in the UK we only get a fraction of our recommended 30g of fibre a day (let alone the 150g our ancestors consumed!) and the health consequences are far reaching. Here at Nourish Bud, all our meals are cram-packed with fibre. Give us a go, and see if you feel the difference.

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Food that gives your body what it thrives on, designed around your busy day.

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