How did we come about?

In 2018, we quit our day jobs and set off to travel the world. Lifelong health enthusiasts and foodies, we sought out different attitudes towards food, flavours and health in all manner of cultures and cuisines.


From South East Asia to Latin America, we were inspired by the varied plant-based diet options available and how fresh vegetables and spices (from morning glory and galangal to plantain and frijoles) played an integral part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Not only were all the vegan meals absolutely delicious, but after adopting a plant based lifestyle we felt energised and healthier within ourselves.

Following further research into the impact of plant-based eating on the environment as well as our own wellbeing we became passionate about spreading the word and encouraging others to try it out!

Experiencing the endless benefits of the flavours, nutrients and cooking styles used in different cultures, and the desire to share them with everyone at home, bore the concept of Nourish Bud.

Nourish Bud Team Luke Tonks Rebecca Tonks
Vegan Meals Newcastle Luke Tonks Rebecca Tonks Nourish Bud

What is our vision?

We believe that convenient, healthy and delicious food is incredibly important, and so often neglected. 


All of our meals consist of only the best plant-based ingredients, but you don't need to be a vegan or vegetarian to love our food. No matter who you are, everyone needs more whole foods and vegetables in their diet. We provide this in expertly designed vegan meal plans delivered straight to your front door, providing you with the broadest range of nutrition possible across the week. Every plant based meal is freshly prepared with the time, care and attention that shines through in the quality of our food.

We also believe that sustainability and looking after our planet is the most important issue in the world today. We ensure that our food is locally sourced, seasonal and organic where possible, and all of our packaging is sustainable.  


If you're interested, and would like to know more about the benefits of a plant based diet, take a look at Nourish Info. If you're just here for the tastiest, healthiest vegan food around then the SHOP is where you'll want to be!

Coming soon, our vision is to deliver our food to everyone wanting to live and eat more consciously around the UK. Our food has the incredible ability to help with specific health goals, and that's why our vegan meal plans are set up as they are. Please help support us to reach this aim - every single order helps us get to this stage. Let's get everyone in the UK eating more plant-based food together!

Thanks so much for reading about us. Hope to hear from you soon!

Vegan diet
Vegan diet