4 Ways Nourish Bud Impact the Environment

4 Ways Nourish Bud Impact the Environment

Here at Nourish Bud we love the environment, and creating a sustainable business is right at the top of our agenda. Here are 4 ways that we try to make a positive impact on the environment every day. 

Our lush food  

Our food is 100% plant-based, which means it’s way more efficient, and not a huge burden on the environment. The efficiency part: instead of us having the animals eat the plants and then us eating the animals, we cut out of the middleman and get straight to the source. Remember that environmental burden that we mentioned? Well, that's animal agriculture - it's also thrown out the window since our food doesn’t require massive numbers of animals grazing on our fields, which for several reasons leads to mass deforestation and desertification all around the world. With animals no longer grazing on the land, we get cleaner air due to less manure, cleaner water, and less water waste. How isn't that a win-win situation? 

Helping our local businesses  

As part of our pledge, we use our local farm (this one's for you Hillheads farm) to secure our fresh produce. With Hillheads farm only being 2 minutes away from our kitchen we can reduce the amount of food waste and food-miles, reducing our total carbon footprint. That's one headache saved, for you and us.  

80% recycled, 100% recyclable  

Our food packaging is made from 80% recycled materials and is fully recyclable. This allows us to reduce our waste (and yours), by being able to put those recycled materials back to use again in some form or other, so don’t stress it.  

DPD carbon neutral  

Our delivery method is carbon neutral, which means that we don’t impact the environment when providing you with our great food. DPD also tracks their carbon emissions, so you can be confident your package is being delivered sustainably. 


 By Aaron Robson

Aaron is the Marketing Assistant at Nourish Bud, born and raised in the Toon with a background in programming, orientated around games. That means out of the office, you will find him playing games quite a lot, and he likes tech... like a lot! 

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