Healthy Vegan Pancakes


I don’t think there’s ever a bad time for pancakes. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning snack, evening snack… bring it on. These delicious and healthy vegan pancakes are the go-to in our house when the fridge is looking bare. Simple ingredients, super nutritious, and filling enough to satisfy even the hungriest vegan (a.k.a me).


What makes these vegan pancakes ‘healthy’?

It is so simple to boost the nutrition of any vegan pancake mixture by making a smart choice of flour. White flour is highly processed and offers very little nutritional value for its calories. Substituting for a whole-grain flour immediately ramps up the protein, fibre and mineral intake of any mixture, and if you choose the right flour we think it tastes even better too.

Our favourites - buckwheat flour pancakes and tigernut flour pancakes. Both are naturally gluten-free and boast a great source of fibre, potassium and manganese. You can swap them like-for-like; buckwheat has a mild, slightly nutty flavour while tigernut is sweeter with a grainy texture, which we absolutely love. Both are whole grains and are superb for gut health.
Buckwheat flour can easily be found in any large supermarket, tigernut flour you will need to buy online, but it’s a worthwhile purchase for a wonderfully versatile store-cupboard item. 

Let’s dive into it.

Prep time: 5 mins
Cook time: 15 mins
Serves: 28-30 small disc-size pancakes. I could say serves 3-4, but to be quite honest I often eat these all to myself. You won’t find any judgement here!



2 ripe bananas (mashed)
170g buckwheat (or tigernut) flour
350g unsweetened soy milk (+extra if needed to loosen)
1 tbsp (12g) flaxseed
Pinch of sea salt
1 tsp baking powder (optional)

That’s it! We sometimes add a tbsp of raw cacao and a splash of fresh orange for scrumptious and healthy chocolate orange vegan pancakes.



Step 1:
Mash the bananas. Grab a fork and give your right arm a workout - adding some healthy exercise in the mixture too.

Step 2:
Mix the dry ingredients in a separate bowl.
Top tip: Sieving the flour makes the world of difference, trust us. Tigernut flour in particular can clump in the packet. Sieving takes 15 seconds (we’ve timed it) and makes for the lightest and fluffiest vegan pancakes.

Step 3:
Add the soy milk and mashed banana to the dry mixture and mix. 

Step 4:
Heat a frying pan with a couple of sprays of oil to prevent sticking.
Spoon a 6cm circle of pancake batter in to the pan. You should be able to fit 4-5 pancakes at a time in a typical frying pan. (We like to top up each circle with extra batter to make for extra thick and fluffy pancakes).

Fry for ~1 minute or until the edges become firm and the centre is bubbling, then flip and fry for ~30 seconds on the other side, until each side is golden brown.
Note - tigernut flour takes a little longer to cook - add 20 seconds to each side.

Step 5:
Repeat Step 4 until the batter is used up. It should take 4-5 rounds to get through the batter, and the end result is a mini-mountain of delicious, nutrient-rich vegan pancakes.

Macros (per pancake):

Calories: 25kcal
Fat: 0.3g
(of which saturates): 0.1g
Carbohydrates: 3.9g
(of which sugars): 0.7g
Protein: 1.6g
Fibre: 0.5g


Healthy Pancake Toppings

A dash of USA ‘peanut butter & jelly’ inspiration coming up. You won’t find many USA-inspired recipes in healthy vegan cooking, but they really hit the mark with this one.

Our favourite healthy vegan pancake topping is homemade chia jam. Spread it on thick with a dollop of peanut butter for good measure. It is pure melt-in-your mouth goodness, super high protein and antioxidant rich. 

Chia jam is simple to whip up and so much healthier than store bought jam. Add 120g of your frozen berry of choice to a saucepan, 3 tsps of chia seeds, a glug of water and (if you have a sweet tooth) a sprinkle of brown sugar to taste. Boil and stir until it forms a thick, gloopy mixture and there you have it. Healthy jam, the perfect topping for your healthy vegan pancakes!

We hope you enjoy! Accept the challenge and let us know how many pancakes you manage in one sitting!!

By Luke Tonks 

Luke is one of the Nourish Bud co-founders, and a ‘foodie’ through and through. Loves cooking but mainly because it means he gets to eat straight after. Created Nourish Bud to share the delights of quality plant-based food with everyone.

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