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Meet The Team Chef Annelise Nourish Bud Blog

Hi, I'm Annelise and I wanted to introduce myself as one of the chefs at Nourish Bud! I'm from Houghton Le Spring which is kind of in between Sunderland and Durham, and a short drive from the Nourish Bud kitchen just North of Newcastle.


A bit about me:

Outside of work I'm usually outdoors! I am really into nature and try and spend my days off either in a woodland or down by the beach doing some sea swimming.

I also run a little Instagram page called ITZALLVEGAN where I show some of my latest plant based dishes. So I do spend time working on new recipes and ideas for my page.

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I'm 100% plant based too! Initially it was very health focused. I had just left a full time hospitality job where I was surrounded by cakes and sandwiches which didn’t make me feel good. I was always tired and had no energy for seeing friends or other hobbies.

So, I was researching meal ideas and ways to improve your health and vegetarian and vegan diets kept popping up, so once I read more into it I made the switch to being a vegetarian, and then plant-based over a year ago. But after learning more about the lifestyle, seeing the positives it has on the environment really motivates me.


I’ve always been a little obsessed with food and cooking. Helping make dishes with my family was probably where it started. My cooking style is very varied and since going plant-based I have become so much more creative. I base a lot of recipes off making veg the centre of the dish. I often try and think seasonally in terms of vegetables and flavours when making a new recipe or idea and incorporating elements from other cuisines into my recipes too!


By Annelise Lewis

Annelise is a chef at Nourish Bud, and is the ultimate creative in the kitchen! Forever inspired by Ottolenghi, Annelise is on a mission to prove plant-based is anything BUT boring! 

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