Our 4 Top Tips For An Autumn Detox!

Our 4 Top Tips For An Autumn Detox!

Autumn is the perfect opportunity to boost our immunity and improve our general well-being ready for the coming winter months! With the weather starting to turn, Christmas just around the corner, and with loads of amazing seasonal veg around, it's a great time to give your body some TLC and form some good habits.


Here are some of our top tips for feeling tip top this Autumn:

1. Drink lots of water!

We know you've heard this one before! But it's great for your digestion, helping manage inflammation and improving gym workouts. Dehydration also impacts our brain, so drinking plenty of water can help improve mood and reduce memory fog. Try adding cucumber or lemon slices to your water for extra flavour and electrolytes too!
2. Incorporate a variety of autumnal spices like nutmeg and cinnamon into your diet to aid digestion and circulation.

Chai spiced porridge, a fragrant curry or a warming, spiced vegetable soup are all what the doctor ordered when the weather is feeling a bit miserable.
3. Develop an exercise routine.

It may be sweater weather, but getting back into a routine that incorporates some form of exercise you enjoy now means you'll be more likely to stick with it throughout the winter. Plus its fantastic for giving you a boost of endorphins!
4. Eat fibre rich meals, with plenty of fruit and veg, for your bowel and digestive health.

As we approach Christmas, which of course comes hand-in-hand with mountains of indulgent foods, now is the perfect time to boost your gut health and give your body and immune system a boost with some hearty, nutritious goodness!


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By Rebecca Tonks 

Rebecca is one of the Nourish Bud co-founders, lover of all things sweet... and savory for that matter. Rebecca is soon to be super-mum to her 'bud' in the oven. Running a business with a newborn? Challenge accepted!

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