Nourish Bud Houmous Vegan Graze Board

Is Hummus Healthy?

Can't get enough of this delightfully creamy dip? We hear you! Here's 6 great reasons to keep indulging your hummus cravings.

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Nourish Bud Vegan Pancakes

Healthy Vegan Pancakes

Scrumptious recipe for healthy vegan pancakes - a true house favourite. Simple, nutritious, and filling enough to satisfy even the hungriest vegan!

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Nourish Bud Gut Health

Goodness in the Gut

Eating the right food can have an extraordinary impact on our mental health. The gut-brain axis ties our digestive system to how we actually "feel" and this is a topic we're fascinated by at Nourish Bud. 

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Nourish Bud Raspberry Protein Blondies

NEW! Raspberry and Vanilla Protein Blondies

Packing 10g of complete plant-based protein per bar, our new raspberry and vanilla protein blondies are the perfect afternoon pick me up, pre/post gym snack or delicious just to enjoy alongside a good cuppa!

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