Nourish Your Body 

5 portions of fruit and veg a day. That’s the magic number right? In fact, this was merely a marketing campaign back in the 80’s to encourage people to eat a few more greens, based on very little empirical research. So what is the ‘magic number’ to optimise our health?


Brace yourself for the 'research quote'. A study of 2 million people was published by Imperial College London in 2017, which found that 10 portions of fruit and vegetables per day reduce the risk of early death by 1/3. They found that the more fruit and veg you can eat, the lower the risk of major chronic diseases, with no upper limit to the benefits.


Plant-based food is quite literally the best natural medicine we can use to combat modern day killers, namely heart disease, most cancers, strokes and obesity. According to the British Heart Foundation, someone in the UK is hospitalised with a heart attack every 3 minutes. Is this a fact of life that we have to accept? Maybe not. Some studies have even found that plant-based food has the power to reverse 14 out of 15 of the biggest killer diseases in the Western World. 

Vegan diet health benefits

Why is this?

Plant-based foods are cram-packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and a huge range of nutrients that have so many far reaching benefits. We’ll give you a couple of our favourites:

Plant based diet health benefits
  • Cruciferous veggies (that’s broccoli, spinach, cauliflower for example) contain something pretty awesome called sulforaphane. This little compound has been shown to help the liver detoxify and function correctly. It also has links to anti-cancer properties, anti-diabetes and heart health due to its anti-inflammation effect on arteries. 

  • Fibre (found in every plant-based food you can imagine). We mention fibre a few times on this website, and for no small reason. Before industrialisation of food, studies on the faeces of our ancestors show that they used to get up to 150g of fibre a day. To put that in to perspective, the current UK average is around 18g. We’re evolutionarily designed to consume a huge amount more fibre than we are, and neglecting that has serious consequences for our health. Fibre feeds the beneficial gut microbes of which we are only starting to understand the importance. They help everything function; from absorption of nutrients to hormone balance, mood, and have strong links with the health of all your organs. We can’t even begin to emphasise the importance of getting more fibre.

Maybe you read ’10 portions of fruit and veg’ and thought that it sounds completely unattainable. But consider this. Fruit and veg doesn’t have to mean a boring pile of kale on the side of your plate. Admittedly that’s great for you too, but a better way to think about fruit and veg is ‘plant-based whole food’. It all counts! Take our beetroot falafels for example. Just 3 of these falafels (1 normal serving) is 2 portions by itself! That’s before you add in the garnish and accompanying salad. Upgrade your diet to some oats with seeds and berries for breakfast, any one of our lunches, and try to get a couple of veggies in your evening meal. You’ll be racking up those plant-based portions in no time, and we’re convinced your body will feel nourished for it.


If you have any concerns or questions about our food then please get in touch. We’re here to help, and alleviate any concerns you might have. 

Nourish Your Planet

We know you care about our planet. So do we. This is one of the main reasons Nourish Bud was created. By choosing us, you can do your bit to save the world; let us explain how.

Vegan diet for the environment
Plant based diet for the environment
Go vegan to save the planet

Please consider this (brace yourself for another nerdy bit):

  • A United Nations environmental report found that raising livestock for food produces more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire world transportation system. That is more than every car, bus, plane, train and boat that sets off every single day. 

  • Greenhouse emissions are only one part of the story. Animal agriculture is also extremely water and land intensive, causing significant depletion in these valuable resources. Another United Nations report finds that the meat and dairy industry provide only 18% of the world’s total calories, but use a whopping 77% of total agricultural land. The increasing demand for meat is one of the leading causes of deforestation in the Amazon, as natural habitats are destroyed to create farmland for livestock feed. 

  • 1/3 of all food grown is wasted. Reports show an area the size of China is used to grow wasted food. When ranked alongside countries, food waste ranks as the third biggest producer of CO2 in the world, behind only China and the USA.

So how does choosing Nourish Bud help?


Choosing an entirely plant-based lunch means that up to 18x less land was used to grow your lunch than if you chose a lunch with animal produce. We maximise these benefits by sourcing organic, locally grown ingredients wherever possible, cutting down on transportation impact and the damage to terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems from non-organic fertilisers. 


How many times have you bought a big salad bag to make lunches for the week, and had to throw half away when it gets soggy? We’re not shaming anyone – we’ve all done it. 

How much food do you think the deli chain round the corner throws away when they don’t sell their stock, having bulk bought for the week?

We make-to-order; we make no more and no less than what is eaten. This is reflected in our low levels of waste, with a target of 0 waste. 


Our packaging is entirely made out of plants and sustainably sourced. It is 100% biodegradable and commercially compostable. We also use the most ecological delivery methods possible.


Uncountable scientists and other professionals agree that the most effective way to nourish our planet is by choosing to eat fewer animal products; you can do your bit by choosing Nourish Bud. 

Nourish Your Day

Familiar with the mid-afternoon slump? Too tired to go to the gym, or play with the kids after work? Getting the right fuel can help endlessly with these common problems in a busy lifestyle. Rhiannon Lambert, registered nutritionist recommends, “having a high quality lunch that regulates and steadies blood sugar levels can help eliminate the afternoon slump”.


How can a Nourish Bud lunch help energise your day, leave you feeling happier and reduce fatigue? Let’s dive in to it.

Serotonin, affectionately known as the ‘happy hormone’ is a neurotransmitter produced by our body that strongly influences our mood, concentration and cognitive function.

To produce Serotonin, our body needs the amino acid Tryptophan. Although a large range of foods contain Tryptophan, the bioavailability (how much we can actually process) is thought to be higher from plant sources.

Slow release carbohydrates are also thought to increase the mood-boosting effects; these are found in root vegetables and wholegrains, which we use in abundance in our meals. 

Another key chemical to boost our energy and mood is folate. The best sources of folate are leafy greens, but also all other fruits and veggies. Eating a plant-based meal gives you the best chance of digesting enough folate to power you through the rest of your day. 


Carbohydrates. A food group so often unfairly vilified. In fact, there is such an enormous range of carbohydrates that to categorise them as universally ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is meaningless.

Highly processed carbs like white flour require little effort by the body to break down into glucose, so are released quickly to the blood and can cause blood sugar spikes (and the subsequent trough we know so well!) Slow release carbohydrates on the other hand are the brain’s perfect source of food. They take much longer to break down, providing a more consistent supply of energy… and they keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Whole, natural foods are the best source, for example quinoa, lentils and other pulses. And guess what? Again, all our meals are abundant in these fantastic foods. What’s more, the high fibre content improves absorption, and recent research shows that a healthy gut microbiota is vital for a healthy brain.

Allow us to nourish your day by providing you with the best food possible to improve your energy, mood and concentration, fuelling your working day.

Hummus health benefits. Hummus vegan.
As well as being delicious, hummus is a perfect mood-boosting food. Tahini is high in Tryptophan, and the slow release carbohydrates in chickpeas work perfectly alongside that.
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