About us

Who we are

Rebecca and Luke Tonks

We are Luke and Rebecca, founders of Nourish Bud!


How did we come about?

 ​In 2018, we quit our day jobs and set off to travel the world. 

From South East Asia to Latin America, we were inspired by the varied plant-based diet options available and how fresh vegetables and spices played an integral part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

This new approach to our diet not only tasted divine,  we felt energised and healthier within ourselves and it felt even better knowing we're doing our bit for the planet!

Nourish Bud was created to share this experience. Easy to try, varied menus, and total flexibility. Simply delicious meals with a big impact. 


What is our vision?

We believe that convenient, healthy and delicious food is incredibly important, and so often neglected. 

All of our meals are plant-based, but you don't need to be a vegan or veggie to enjoy our food!

We all need exciting, nutritious food that we look forward to every day, and Nourish Bud provides this in expertly designed vegan meals delivered straight to your front door. Made from scratch with care and attention that shines through in the quality of our meals.

Thanks so much for reading about us. Hope to hear from you soon! Get in touch.