Our Sustainability Mission

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Here at Nourish Bud, our food being as healthy and nutritious as possible isn’t the only thing we’re passionate about. We’re also passionate about doing our bit for the health of the planet.

First and foremost, all of our food is 100% plant-based, and as shown by recent research, switching to a plant-based diet is the most impactful thing that we can do as individuals today to help the environment!


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Our food is delivered in beautiful packaging, heat sealed for freshness. 

We're proud to share that it is:

  • 100% recyclable at home
  • Made from over 80% recycled materials
  • Completely additive/BPA free and
  • FSC Certified.


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When ranked alongside countries, food waste ranks as the third biggest producer of greenhouse gases in the world, behind only China and the USA.

Our goal

To combat this environmental issue, our ultimate goal is to produce zero food waste, although this isn’t always entirely possible. On the way to achieving this, we follow a number of practices:

Fresh for you, good for the environment

Wherever we can, we bulk source goods dried, for example pulses like chickpeas. We also make ingredients from scratch like plant milks including oat, almond and coconut . This means that we only use what we need and prevents disposal of lots of packaging- plus all of our ingredients are cooked fresh from scratch for you!

We apply both efficient food forecasting along with overlap of fresh ingredients in different dishes on the menu each week. This is to prevent buying excess fresh produce that doesn’t get used.  

Made to order, made with love

We make-to-order as far as possible to prevent over providing certain meals that then aren’t delivered fresh, creating waste.

We also use as much of each vegetable as possible in our cooking. Veggies like broccoli are just as delicious washed thoroughly with a long stalk, so why waste their goodness by putting half of it in the bin!


For any waste that we do produce, we recycle anything that can be recycled and segregate food waste to be disposed of via anaerobic digestion.

This means that the plant waste is broken down in an oxygen free tank, producing energy that is used to power both the digester itself and the National Grid. It also produces a fertiliser by-product, which can be used on crops.


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How and where we source our produce is extremely important to us and helps us create a sustainable business for now and in the future.

Local and fresh

In order to support the local economy, we source all our fresh produce from our local greengrocers. Our other goods are purchased in higher quantities and stored appropriately to reduce the packaging and the number of deliveries required. 

Organic values

We also source organic produce where possible, and ensure that our suppliers have the same values as us in terms of both quality and environmental awareness.

Ultimately, our aim is to provide you with healthy, quality food and operate in a way that nourishes your body, your planet, and your day!