Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, healthy snack and a protein smoothie for each day. Free delivery always. See sample weekly menu here.


Plan ahead and SAVE!

Order for 2 weeks and save 5%, or order for 4 weeks and save 10%. 


Avid gym goer or active lifestyle? This is the package for you!

Fuel your body with the best nutrition and ingredients around. Quality, complete plant-based proteins in every meal and snack.

A plant-based whole food diet is great for muscle build/maintenance, because as well as adequate protein, your body needs huge levels of other nutrients to facilitate cell repair, a healthy nervous and cardiovascular system to name a few. That's exactly what each of our meals provides.

Plant Powered 2500 - From £21.68 per day

How many days of the week would you like meals for
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  • Calories - 2500. Carbohydrates - 295g. Protein - 95g. Fat - 107g. Fibre - 76g.

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