Our new Nourish Bundle includes:

- one of our meals of your choice

- a raw snack, and

- an overnight oats breakfast pot! 


Get your fruit and veg portion intake up and give your body a boost with 2 highly nutritious meals accompanied by a healthy snack, all for approximately 900 calories. 


Our Overnight Oats contain oats and chia seeds soaked in our special HOMEMADE almond milk, with 2 super healthy flavour-combos to choose from. 


As always, everything is vegan-friendly, and contains all the fantastic nutrition your body needs!

Nourish Bundle

Breakfast Pot (choose one)
Lunch (choose one)
Raw Snacks (choose one)
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  • Please refer to the individual meals and snacks for the nutritional contents. 

    Overnight oats:

    Apple, Cinnamon & Pumpkin Seeds:

    Calories: 259

    Protein: 7.3g

    Fat: 7.3g

    Saturated Fat: 1.1g

    Sugars: 8.8g

    Fibre: 9.7g

    Blueberry, Banana & Peanut Butter:

    Calories: 366

    Protein: 12.3g

    Fat: 15.4g

    Saturated Fat: 2.5g

    Sugars: 12.7g

    Fibre: 9.6g

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