Creamy and comforting Lentil Dahl, made extra special using our homemade coconut milk. Served with your choice of fragrantly spiced greens, our take on this classic Indian dish is super high in fibre and protein. Given it's supurb nutritional content, you could say that a Dahl a day keeps the doctor away!

Lentil Dahl

  • Served with Greens:

    Calories: 426

    Protein: 18.3g

    Fat: 18.9g

    Saturated Fat: 13.1g

    Sugars: 8.8g

    Fibre: 22.5g

    Served with Greens & Wholegrain Rice:

    Calories: 553

    Protein: 21.7g

    Fat: 20.4g

    Saturated Fat: 13.5g

    Sugars: 9.0g

    Fibre: 27.9g

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